Premium Credit Card – What is a Premium Card?

A premium credit card is actually a form of credit card and it is mostly for big spenders. Premium credit card often referred to as black or purple credit cards, but most of the bank in Dubai deal with it according to their own services. Through these banks charged their customers with an annual fee that is sometimes very high that is the reason these cards are considered for big traders and consumers that are attached to multinational corporations. For those people to have this kind of services is also considered as a status symbol. This why premium credit card offers a high credit card limit that is enough for big spenders and it is a matter of money at all and Dubai is mostly very expensive when it comes to doing shopping with your family so one should always avail the services for such cards if they could afford that. Premium credit card facility is available for 24 hours to all the customers who are their users and banks of Dubai in this way provide special offers to their investors. Along with anytime facility, this card can be used to purchase any product from small housing commodity to pay the bills like cinema tickets hotel reservations and flights and airport transfers. Many other facilities typically include access to exclusive airport lounges, worldwide travel insurance, car breakdown cover, home emergency cover and a generous rewards scheme offered by different banks of Dubai.

Premium card Services – Top Banks of Dubai

Top Banks of Dubai have been proving its worth for UAE market as a safe haven for UAE’s stable economy. This means that through banking sector relates to financial purposes and it is always unpredictable game to understand financial matters in the sense of future investments, and if there are profits of millions in a day then it is deemed to be losses of millions the second day. The success of a bank is dependent solely on mathematically analysis of every project and how much professional are their employees. Top banks of Dubai are involved with multinational corporations, and their customers mostly deal with credit cards system and especially through a premium card that is most suitable for big investors for big deals. One of the reasons of using a premium card is also that most of the time traders and people involved in frequent traveling need to handle their cash, and it is very difficult to have cash in your premium credit card services are the best service provide by top banks of Dubai.

Mashreq bank of Dubai is one of the oldest banks that provides best credit card offers in UAE with so many facilities to accommodate you daily matters. It is one of the best banks and is leading all other banks of Dubai especially to cater big investors through premium credit card services. How you can take these services or if you want to get an idea about the offers and policies, you just need to go to the online portal of the Mashreq bank. There you will find out credit cards offers. When you click this portal, different kinds of credit cards offers opened in front of you now you can check all details about a premium credit card.

Premium credit cards – top credit cards in Dubai

There are the different type of premium credit cards are offered by best banks of Dubai according to the requirement and monthly income of a customer. The best cards that are collected according to their benefits and services are – Mashreq platinum elite card, it is a premium credit card type that offers to a person who has monthly wage more than 7000 AED. There are many benefits offered through this card like golf club services, dinner’s payments, shopping and for traveling purposes. Another type of premium card is titanium card offer by Mashreq bank. This card provides you many facilities, and the most important thing is that on a titanium card there is no annual fee.  Similarly, a standard chartered bank also offers their own Titanium credit card that gives you 10% cash back on every 10000 AED shopping. This an exclusive package in the category of a Premium credit card.

Premium credit card – Annual Fee

Annual fees on a premium credit card can be massive because mostly is big spenders use it, so if someone wants to have a premium credit card first he/she should check the fee before you apply and consider whether it is affordable or not.

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If you have a premium credit card then you can enjoy many benefits in the form of shopping, hoteling and travelling because it is very common in Dubai.