Tax free Salaries at Investment banks in Dubai

This article is all about job vacancies and information related to investment banking sector. But moving towards our main topic, we will take a short overview about investment banks in UAE. This banking category is used purely for investment purposes. Due to strong and well establishes banking sector in Dubai, investors from all over the world make different investment in this sector. That’s why these banks are so stable in economic perspective. Services being provided by these banks are of international standards and quite competitive with international banks also. Dubai region is blessed with natural resources also. But local government of Dubai now a days has shifted the paradigm and move towards other developmental areas rather relying on the natural oil reserves. And now what we have, all types of international brands are making their way in local market of Dubai. You can buy and have each and everything from the local Dubai’s market if you have money in your pocket.

This is also one of the reason that people and visitors throughout the world come to Dubai in search of different profitable schemes. Almost half of the population of Dubai is based on the expatriates. In each sector of Dubai, you can have locals who are working for their livings and at the same time contributing for the development of the state.

Well come to our main topic that is related to job opportunities in banking sector. I will guide you with an example. Suppose you are a senior investment banker looking for a new job in banking sector of the United Arab Emirates. There are lot of space for job opportunities due to huge competition in the banking sector of Dubai. The remuneration for the post of a senior investment banker are quite impressive and attractive because salary for sure would be in six figures.

Common Duties of a Senior Investment Banker

Following are the major duties performed by a senior investment banker in Dubai –

  1. First of all to get maximum number of investors with the help of relationship team of bank. By leading the team, it is the main duty of an investment banker to make good boning between bank and big traders or investors for future benefits.
  2. Investment banks in Dubai demands a highly committed and experienced person for the post of senior investment banker and are very clear in this regard due to involvement f high risk. He/she would may prove as a productive person and it might be possible, he/she ruin the company or bank through his/her wrong decisions. So bank hired such type of post with clear vision and after thorough research in the market.

Salary packages from investment banks in UAE

Well this would be a common question everywhere in the banking sector, which bank is most suitable and popular for offering best salary packages for the post of a senior investment banker. Well first of all make your mind that for sure the salary packages in Dubai particularly in banking sector or any other financial sector are moderately impressive. So this is one advantage to making the switch to Dubai for job purpose. Also there is another major factor which is again a plus point that the salary offers are completely tax free.  According to a survey report conducting last year in Dubai banking sector shows that investment banker in Dubai now earn AED150,000 a month.

Service of Mashreq Private Banking for investment plans in UAE

You can get all type of investment plans by taking the services of Mashreq bank. It is a private bank working in Dubai from last three decades. One of the main plus point of Mashreq bank that make it more distinguishes than its competitors is its private banking offers. Almost all types of insurance policies to all loan services can easily be taken on easy terms and conditions. Not only for the locals but also for the expatriates, everyone can approach nearest branch and discuss about their suited budget for a particular service. Also you can take the digital investment banking plans by visiting the official website of the bank. For further detail you can contact at the helpline number of the bank for 24/7.